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Dedicated to building, designing, and managing websites that deliver effective and intuitive experiences.

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Web Development

Web Design

Project Management

Marketing Strategy

Skills and interests

I love using creative problem solving to make things work more efficiently. Identifying areas of opportunity and creating visually stunning web solutions is what I do best.


Below are some of my latest projects. I love to create web projects that are both visually stunning and convey your company or organization's strengths in the best way possible.

Imagine Life Coaching

Development, Design, Project Management

Caterina Barregar is a relationship coach, empath coach and Reiki practitioner for Imagine Life Coaching.

I designed a comprehensive platform for Caterina, merging her Imagine Life Coaching services with her dedicated empath coaching site, The Empath Journey.

This intuitive and inviting website blends life coaching, empath coaching, and Reiki, offering users a seamless and enriching experience.

Imagine Life Coaching hero banner screenshot with leaves and text

Eric Brunt Media

Development, Design, Project Management

Eric Brunt is a Canadian filmmaker and storyteller who is telling the stories of Canada's last remaining WWII veterans.

Although Eric is a filmmaker at heart, the stories are what drive his projects. He was running into a problem where he didn't have enough promotion materials in between films.

I created a plan to move Eric into the more general content creation space, allowing him to put out more regular content. The new website features Eric's stories in a way that is both engaging and easy to navigate.

Eric Brunt Media website image with WWII veterans holding up their portraits



Web design and development

September 2020 - Present

I create web experiences that play a central role in your marketing strategy. I believe it's important to serve your users content that lets them know exactly what you do best - everything on your website should have a well-defined place and purpose. In addition to creating carefully crafted websites, my project management and marketing strategy skills are what set me apart from the usual web developer. I know how to work with people and ask the right questions to understand how I can create a product that addresses your needs.

Lighthouse Labs

Sr Website Manager

January 2023 - Present

I manage all updates for the Lighthouse website, subdomains and microsites. Working with our marketing team leads and internal development staff, I'm responsible for maintaining and improving our customer facing website content.

LaneLight Traffic Technologies

Marketing Manager

May 2021 - January 2023

Handled a wide range of marketing tasks including digital advertising, SEO, copywriting, website design and marketing strategy. Managed and upgraded the company website while creating a robust online digital advertising campaign.

Tempo Web Solutions

Co-Founder/Project Manager

January 2020 - July 2020

Co-Founded and operated a web solutions company. Handled all inbound and outbound sales, client communication, project management/coordination and content creation. Built and managed custom WordPress websites from requirements to launch, working with HTML, CSS(SCSS), JavaScript and PHP. Greatly improved knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Ads, content creation, SEO skills and communication/management abilities.

Caorda Web Solutions

Account/Project Manager

February 2018 - January 2020

Created a link between my team and our clients. Gained skills such as writing proposals, defining and writing formal requirements, managing a team and problem-solving. Learned about content management systems, managing projects with large budgets, writing quality content and working independently. Managed a book of 200+ clients and launched 30+ projects over two years, providing marketing strategy for clients such as the BC Provincial Government, United Way of Greater Victoria, Roy Group and Victoria Hospitals Foundation.


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